Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Edinburgh Hang Outs

One of the best things about Edinburgh is the wide selection of independent cafés/bistros/coffee shops. Can you do a blog about coffee without sounding a bit pretentious? Probably not

Credit goes to Mike who helped me over a lazy evening in the flat.

This list is focussed on places near George Square and a few places near to where I live around Bruntsfield. There's 15 here but there is easily 40+ places around central Edinburgh if you're looking. Explore!

Selection: One safe thing or can you experiment?
Atmosphere: Comfortable/relaxed/chilled, could you stay for long?
Personality: Is it interesting/unique/weird?

Brew Lab - S 8 A 7 P 9 = 24/30
Love it or hate it, Brew Lab is something different and I'm a fan. It's always full but worth it if you can locate a table. Famed for it's scruffy interior some claim it's a bit too 'try hard'. Great food, great coffee and it even has its own app - what more could you want?
Brew Lab in 3 words: Packed, Pretentious, Happening

Artisan Roast Bruntsfield - S 8 A 6 P 8 = 22
It's a small little place tucked away in Bruntsfield. Originally meant to be a temporary pop up in the fringe, it has persevered due to a loyal set of regulars and a unique atmosphere. It's small and quirky (check out the Lord of The Rings makeshift wallpaper) - ideal for a chilled afternoon chat.
Artisan Roast Bruntsfield in 3 words: Indie, Low-key, Interesting  

Black Medicine Bruntsfield - S 7 A 7 P 8 = 22
Black Medicine Bruntsfield is the cooler younger brother to Nicholson. It's quieter and doesn't have the same rushed vibe. Go up the stairs to the balcony and you are in a cosy corner with a tree house feel. One of my favourite places to go to.
Black Medicine in 3 words: Calm, Solid, Tree House

Mosque Kitchen - S5 A 6 P 9 = 20
There are 3 mosque kitchens, all of them claim to be the original and all are slightly different. Loosely separated as the 'mainstream' one on Nicholson Street, the more 'sophisticated' one as you enter the Mosque on the right and my favourite of the three, the back alley kitchen in between the previous two.  Massive portions and great vibe. 
Mosque Kitchen in 3 words: Substantial, Quick, Easy

Café Gourmand - S 7 A 8 P 5 = 20
This is a solid place to go to if want somewhere a bit quieter that lacks the pretentious buzz of some of its close neighbours. Its menu revolves around its selection of pancakes but also has a few choice milkshakes. Good place to get some work done.
Café Gourmand in 3 words: Plain, Pancakes, Productive

Snax - S 6 A 4 P 9 = 19
Snax is another polarising favourite of mine. The rough, bustling atmosphere combined with a killer breakfast make Snax a must visit location. It is in no way a refined venue nor is it somewhere where you should attempt to do work. It's designed for the hungry not the aloof.
Snax in 3 words: Hi-Viz, Irn-Bru, Glorious

Elephants & Bagels - S 7 A 5 P 7 = 19
It does bagels which is enough to make it stand apart but coupled with a quirky interior and it's a place worth going to. Possibly a little expensive for what you get but it's surprisingly filling.
Elephants & Bagels in 3 words: Lit Student, Elephants, Chilled

Project Coffee S 7 A 7 P 5 = 19
Project Coffee sits in the centre of Bruntsfield and is owned by the same family as Press, Rotato and Kilamanjaro. It is light and fairly spacious with an expected selection of drinks and snacks. Think business meeting rather than friendly chat.
Project Coffee in 3 words: Efficient, Light, Open

Tea at 94 S 7 A 5 P 6 = 18
A little place on Buccleuch Street, it has a huge selection of tea if that is your thing but also enough for a quiet lunch. Perfectly pleasant without being exciting.
Tea at 94 in 3 words: British, Tea, Cake

La Barantine - S 4 A 6 P 7= 17
A little French café in Bruntsfield. It's different to anything around it, the staff speak French and it offers a more refined breakfast than snax.
La Barantine in 3 words: Cosy, Relaxed, French  

Café Kilimanjaro - S 6 A 6 P 5 = 17
It's in student central and delivers chunky, home made food, it's good just not especially noteworthy. They do notable paninis and good selection of smoothies.
Café Kilimanjaro in 3 words: Student, Standard, Casual

Black Medicine Nicholson - S 7 A 3 P 6 = 16
If Brew Lab is literally at capacity and it is raining then Black Medicine is where you would end up. It's like Snax but you can't laugh at it. Plus points are vaguely interesting furniture.
Black Medicine Nicholson in 3 words: Aggressive, Woodland, Average

Brazilian Pancake Hut - S 5 A 2 P 8 = 15
It's a little hut at the top of quarter mile which is definitely worth a visit. Go for the signature steak pancake and chat with the friendly couple who run it. There's some outdoor seating but we are in Edinburgh...
Brazilian Pancake Hut in 3 words: Tasty, Meaty, Friendly 

Rotato S 4 A 3 P 8 = 15
They have 4 things on the menu and I barely change from my regular choice. Basically a jacket potato with a few tasty fillings, it's a worthy place to drop into in between lectures. Check out the collection of Mr Potato heads on the window sill. 
Rotato in 3 words: Simple, Tasty, Cheeky

Press S 5 A 4 P 3 = 12
There isn't really anything exciting about Press apart from the fact it's the shortest walk from DHT and if we are in routine Edinburgh winter weather, location is key.
Press in 3 words: Convenient, Small, Pleasant


Honourable mentions go to Peters Yard (expensive but decent), Beetle Juice (quality food but tiny), The Library Café (on necessity), The Edinburgh Larder (more expensive but relaxed), Teviot (nachos, pizza, library bar), Two Thin Laddies (Tollcross business scene, good food), Beanscene (average but spacious), Bees (now closed but it used to be the go to place), Affogato (for ice cream...)

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